Table of tasks and the logs

Table of tasks displays all your added tasks and the state of the tasks.

When the new task is added, its state will be “not started”. While the task is in this state, you can either launch it or delete it (DON’T CLICK SEVERAL TIMES, CLICK ONLY ONCE!)

After starting the task, its state will be “in progress”. You can pause or stop the task in this state. The fulfillment of the task is displayed in the log message.

When the task is paused, you only can continue it from the point where you paused it.

After the task is completed, it stops in the state “Task completed”. You shall wait for the completion message, and then you only can delete the task from the table.

The program log monitors the program’s activities. If anything goes wrong, some bug or problem occurs, you can contact the developer. E-mail to, and don’t forget to save the log by clicking the corresponding button.