There’s a “Use ignore lists” button in the tasks “Subscription according to the list” and “Subscription by tags”.

What does it mean?

The situation is the following:

You’ve collected a list of 20000 users

According to this list you’ve followed 7500 users

Now you’ve reached the limit and have to unfollow some accounts

Then you collect the new list (or use the old one)

You follow the accounts you used to follow before and then unfollowed

Thus you will again and again follow the same users

The users will suspect some mistake, and refuse to follow your account mutually. In general, it is unlikely that you will be followed by a user who refused to follow you in the past.

Thus we use the ignore-lists.

Each time you fulfill the subscription task, the ignore list is created for every new account and is updated automatically.

You only need to decide whether to check or not if the user has already been in your ignore list. If you select this option, you won’t follow those users who you followed and who did not follow you mutually.

Arrangement of ignore-lists: