Liking according to the list

It’s necessary to specify the txt file with the list of users you need to like. You can collect this list with the “Collecting followers” option, mentioned above.

To fulfill the task you need to select at least one of your accounts. When you select several accounts, the task will be fulfilled for each of them.

"Delay between actions" makes intervals between subscriptions. The bigger interval – the better. To minimize the risk of blocking the account, use interval between 0 and 7 seconds. Minimum possible delay is 0-0.

“Number of likes” specifies the quantity of users you will like.

“Number of likes per user” specifies the number of likes that one user from the list will get from your account. (If you specify “2”, then each user from your list will get 2 likes from you)

Likes are put to latest users’ posts.