Subscription by tags

It’s necessary to specify the file with the list of tags. In this file each tag shall be put in separate line and without # symbols!

To fulfill the task you need to select at least one of your accounts.

"Delay between actions" makes intervals between subscriptions. The bigger interval – the better. To minimize the risk of blocking the account, use interval between 0 and 7 seconds. Minimum possible delay is 0-0.

“Number of subscriptions” specifies the quantity of users you need to follow.

The tick “check if already subscribed” allows avoiding double subscription, if you already follow the user from the specified list.

More information about “Change tag every” section. In this line you shall put the number equal to: the number of subscriptions divided by the number of tags in the specified file. Thus, if you have 20 files in the list and 1000 subscriptions, then in the “Change tag every” line you shall put “50”.